Catherine M. Telford MBACP

COUNSELLING For CREATIVES Online Programme & London & East Sussex

Therapeutic counselling for creatives and creative professionals who have issues, challenges and struggles such as:

  • You experience low motivation and anxiety
  • You feel misunderstood in your work & personally
  • You feel sensitivity spilling over and effecting your wellbeing and relationships
  • You know your sadness, anxiety or fears are overtaking
  • You know that something in past is presenting and keeps occuring effecting you life in ways that are upsetting
  • You are a creative but finidng ways of expressing yourself stump or blocks you from doing.
  • You are experiencing uncertainty and doubt

Take the Opportunity:

Benefits of Counselling for Creatives are:

  • Mental and emotional relief
  • Increased wellbeing
  • Deeper expanded levels and opportunities of creative expression.

For Who:

I work with creatives including Artists, Writers, Performers, Programmers, Developers, Musicians, and Architects, Scientists and Designers of all things...

How: To reflect on the difficulties or problems you as a creative are experiencing.

This Counselling for Creatives Programme includes attuned and sensitively tailored interventions for you and your creative psyche which naturally is a unique prism. Together we can explore your situation in a way that leads to

  • From stuckness towards fresh perspectives & a new understanding of yourself.

Counselling for Creatives

"If I never knew that I would benefit so much as I have done. It was cloudy and chaotic before and finding a way with my inner self has brought me far more clarity." Client K

Counselling can help you explore your struggles, thoughts and feelings and begins a process of reflection on your life now in relation to the past and the future. Thrugh this unique counselling programme you’ll gain insight and understanding that will enable you to gain relief and open up the creative possibilities in your life again. Here are a few of the more common difficulties that can be supported through counselling for creatives:

Anxiety Creative blocks & stuck-ness

Low mood

Low motivation

Self doubt -Self critcal

Performance anxiety



Self-esteem issues

Relationship issues - Professional or Personal

Bullying Family issues

Unresolved trauma

Loss Grief Bereavement

Life transitions

Loneliness, isolation



Health anxiety STRESS

About Me

My professional background is working in the creative industries, in different countries, including design, advertising and documentary television. I am well versed in the creative's struggles where external pressures as well as internal processes can become frustrating, even huge difficulties in pursuit of the creative output. I have also taught in expressive arts where I recognised people's need for a psychological process to accompany their creative work. This led me to train as a counsellor and I now work at that specific intersection of creativity and mental health.

I have worked as a counsellor for 7 years including volunteering in a south London clinic helping diverse people deal with a full range of difficulties of life. I have also worked in a Sussex community mental health charity helping people with diverse issues and challenges such as neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ and cultural diversity. I have trained extensively in trauma and grief counselling.

My location

I offer sessions online, and face to face, in London and East Sussex. Online give those creatives who are further afield or the convenience and flexibility these both offer.

I offer a free no obligation Discovery call for you to find out about my approach and for you to get an idea of me so that you can decide if I am suitable for your needs. I will ask you why you are seeking counselling at this time and whether you have been to counselling or any other psychological service before. I will explain my terms and fees and you can then decide if you would like to then book the first session, whereby my Privacy Policy will be issued to protect your data from there on.

Fees & availability

The first session will be the intake session where you can tell me about you and your experience. I will also ask about any medical or psychological history and diagnosis. I abide by the BACP ethical code which means I have a duty of care and therefore need to have this information to deliver that care.

At the end of this session this is when you can decide if you want to continue with subsequent sessions and so I then require you to sign the Counselling contract. I work with a minimum of 6 sessions for you to be able to feel the relationship develope to support you in your issues that you bring.

Each session is 50 mins long and are at a weekly pace. Please email for fees.

I work online and in person both in London at The Light Centre, Clapham and In East Sussex, Eastbourne.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how counselling works, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to counselling, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help.

You can also call me on 07955 436798 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

Please specify if you would like to have sessions either in Eastbourne or Clapham London SW4, or online when you are sending your message. Thank you.

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